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The Parapolice Series

Jason joins the Stanton and Associates private investigation firm on a whim, Then bets his new partner Adam that he can hide from him in between working on their assignments. After all, Jason can shape-shift—and he isn’t confined to his own gender.

With that in mind, Jason plans to win the bet by seducing Adam as a woman. Only, Jason might be falling in love…

Desiree is a succubus, a Southern Belle, and a human trafficking survivor. Her life is complicated to say the least. When she meets a sweet, 25-year-old virgin, her mouth starts to water. David is the kind of man she's always wanted. Trouble is, he's engaged. Or was...

David's girlfriend turns up dead, and Desiree is called in to consult on the NYPD case as a member of the Parapolice. Desiree wants to believe that David is a good man, but she might be falling in love with a serial killer...

Ben doesn't understand Kevin. He blames it on the accent. 
Kevin doesn't understand Ben. He blames it on the crazy. Every time they touch, the misunderstandings fade away.

Reporter Anthony Benson has a chance to interview Robert Tanner, the son of Congressman George Tanner. Anthony sees it as an opportunity to tell a story that will jump start his career: the story of how the Congressman's gay son fell in love.
Matt has been in love with Tamien since they met at the Training Grounds of the Galactic Army. Matt knows he cannot have Tamien. Not the real Tamien, anyway. 

What he can have is a hologram. The hologram is an exact replica of the half-Canlan, half-Terran, from its russet-colored skin to its brilliant green eyes, except for one tiny change. This Tamien loves Matt, not Sara.

The novelettes contained in this collection include: Every Time We Touch, Match Me, and Holographic Love.