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The Parapolice Series


An entire society lives right under our noses. Paranormals make up five percent of the world’s population, and that number is growing. Paranormals and normals are falling in love, getting married, and having children. And paranormal genes are dominant...

Christopher Stanton is tired of hiding in the shadows. With the help of his paranormal private investigators, known as Parapolice to the government agencies they assist, Stanton exposes the Paranormal Society.

The divulging of the paranormals' existence leads to prejudice and intolerance. Some paranormals fight the bigotry by appealing to the government for protection. Others hide their powers, attempting to live as normals. Unfortunately, neither approach can halt the violence that has erupted.

Only the Parapolice can bridge the gap to keep everyone safe.

Book 1: The Bet

Jason joins the Stanton and Associates private investigation firm on a whim. His rash decision soon leads to another—he bets his new partner Adam that he can hide from him in between working on their assignments. After all, Adam might be the best psychic Jason has ever met, but Jason has a wildcard up his sleeve.

He can shape-shift—and he isn’t confined to his own gender.

With that in mind, Jason plans to win the bet by seducing Adam as a woman. Only, Adam’s actually pretty awesome. And the sex is totally mind blowing. And Jason might be falling in love…

This SPICY story contains gender-bending, male/female sex, and male/male sex!

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Book 2: Succubus - Preorder Now! Available September 30, 2015

Desiree always wanted the life of a Southern Belle: a dog, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence. She never imagined she would end up being held captive by a human trafficker and forced to be a dominatrix because of her succubus powers. Even though she escaped that situation and now has a normal life, she knows the perfect life she dreamed of is no longer within her grasp.

When she meets a sweet, twenty-five-year-old virgin, her mouth starts to water. David is the kind of man she's always wanted. He's kind, honest, and looks adorable in his NYPD uniform. Trouble is, he's engaged. Or was...

David's girlfriend turns up dead, and Desiree is called in to consult on the NYPD case as a member of the parapolice. Even though David's energy tastes sweet as sugar, his name keeps turning up during her investigation.

Desiree wants to believe that David is a good man, but she might be falling in love with a serial killer...

This SPICY novella contains tortured souls, gobs of sugary-sweet romance, hot male/female sex, and one sassy Southern Belle!